Saturday, February 24, 2007

Lost In The Ozone Again

I have literally spent most of today staring out the window. I got out of bed about 9:30 AM. Since my son was coming over to do some painting, my wife suggested I go and get some donuts. After I did that and returned home, I got a cup of coffee, grabbed the morning paper and sat in my chair. I have moved very little since. I feel lethargic and unmotivated. I sat in my chair, listened to music, looked out the window and let my mind wander. A myriad of thoughts has passed through my brain. I've thought about family and friends, work and relationships, music and spirituality. Sometimes I thought about nothing and all my brain did was maintain my life support functions. All in all, though, it hasn't been a bad day. I have stayed in my Fortress of Solitude while my son and wife put primer paint on the living room walls. They are close to one another so they've had all day to bond and I got out of painting. I am feeling too decrepit to climb up and down ladders and to do painting all day. This has not gotten me any nominations for husband of the year. As I write this the day is nearly over. I have not sure what the evening will bring. The living room, where evenings are normally spent, is trashed. My daze must have been deeper than I thought. It now appears to be raining. I like all the seasons here in Kentucky but I think I am ready for spring.

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