Friday, February 09, 2007

Hope For The Flowers

I was sitting in McDonald's this morning drinking a cup of coffee and eating some breakfast. CNN was on the television. Parts of upstate New York have seven feet of lake effect snow. Here is Louisville the best we can get is a dusting! I know New Yorkers have more than they want but I wish we would get at least a few inches.

The morning temperature is still in the teens. The trees are bare and the ground is brown. Along the roads and walkways there appears to be a layer of frost that never melts. It's actually the residue of salt and brine spread by the city workers in anticipation of snow and ice that usually doesn't appear. In general the landscape is bleak and gray. In spite of the present reality of gray and overcast days, I have faith and trust that in a few months we will have bright yellow daffodils blooming along them. These same seemingly dead trees will bud and shoot forth green leaves. Spring rains will wash away all the salt. The grass will begin to grow and the barren land will be an explosion of new life. Once again, as it has been doing for eons, life will be born again and the continuous cycle of life to death to life will continue. It's further proof that no matter how bleak life may seem, if you just hold on and have faith, things will get better.

It will be a busy weekend. My taxes must get filed. My wife will run some errands with her elderly mother. Princess Chloe will come for a visit. Somewhere in the schedule will be a trip to the grocery to refill our barren pantry. Sometimes it seems as if working people must cram their entire personal lives into the 48 hours of the weekend. Even the weekends are hectic and busy.

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