Friday, March 09, 2007

A Day That Turned Out Good Anyway

When I woke up this morning I had my day all planned in my head. I would take my wife to work, stop at a local bagel shop for breakfast, drop off some stuff at the local Goodwill, get my car washed, and go to my favorite music store for some new CD's. In between these errands, I might do something around the house. But, unfortunately, it was one of those days where a simple telephone call changes your entire day. My granddaughter was at the daycare but they insisted she had pink eye and someone must come to pick her up. Since I was home on a vacation day, guess who got elected? Admittedly, after the evening I had with her last night, I wasn't thrilled at the prospect of an all day one on one with Chloe. But, I wanted to be the loving grandfather so off I went to get her. For the most part we had a good day. However, even a good day with Chloe is exhausting because she is not yet three and I am fifty six. Even now, as I type these notes, she is here with me trying to blow up a balloon. Her parents and Grandmother are in another room. After dinner I did get a slight break when I slipped away to the music store where I picked up some CD's by Neil Young, the Youngbloods, and jazz great Joe Zawinul of Weather Report fame. The drive home was very enjoyable. It took me through the Highlands which is my favorite part of town. The Highlands is the Haight Asbury of my town and as an aging hippie I am still seduced by it's allure. Even though it is only mid March, it was a warm night and the streets were full of people walking in and out of the bars, restaurants, and shops. It made me wish I was young and free again hanging out with my friends.

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