Friday, March 30, 2007


It is a beautiful morning. I enjoyed my morning commute along I-64. The landscape gets greener by the day. I am so glad it is Friday. This day feels good. The work week is coming to an end, its causal day, and I feel so relaxed in my jeans and Reeboks. The weekend ahead, although I know it will fly by quickly, seems like a long awaited sabbatical. Usually on Fridays I also go out for lunch with a friend. These lunches are always light hearted and full of laughter. I am getting hungry already just thinking about it. I haven't looked at my calendar yet for today but I hope it is relatively empty and that today will be a quiet day where I can catch up, breathe a little, and leave at the end of the day with some of my energy in reserve. I am sure you are all familiar with the term "crash and burn". That is what usually happens to me at the end of a workday when I stop my adrenaline fueled activity. Sometimes when I am waiting for my wife at her office, I am surprised that the police don't break into my car thinking I am dead.

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