Sunday, March 11, 2007

An Early Spring Sunday Afternoon

It is a beautiful, sunny, but still cool, Sunday afternoon in early spring. I just finished hauling all the family junk out to the street. It is the quarterly junk collection time in my neighborhood. It always feels good to get rid of stuff. The reality is that not everything I give away is junk. I suspect that much of what I have put on the curb will be taken by others before the morning comes. The manual labor involved with carrying sometimes heavy stuff to the street will surely cause me pain in a day or two. I am not the strong young man I used to be.

Shortly before doing the junk thing, my granddaughter left with her parents. She had spent the night. I did learn one thing during her visit. Do not let you granddaughter paint your fingernails purple with an indelible magic marker. It may be an embarrassing day at work tomorrow.

My four day long weekend comes to an end today. I did not have as much solitude as I hoped for nor as much rest. The little downtime that I had was very good. The balance of today is mine so I hope to use it well by enjoying the beautiful day, listening to some music, and napping on my couch. Tomorrow I will be back in the rat race of corporate life. How have I survived that madness for twenty one years? I am truly a fish out of water but the reality of needing to make a living and paying the bills keeps me going. Although I am a writer of sorts, I usually don't think of myself as an artist. However, when it comes to my employment, I am like a typical working artist when I think "This is not really who I am. I only do this for money". There's some truth to that but fortunately I am able to do some goods things at the office that have nothing to do with the work.

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