Tuesday, March 27, 2007

I Did Go To The Doctor But Not To Woodstock

Last week I shared some thoughts about “Wow” experiences in life. Yesterday my co-workers gave me a “Wow” experience. Without my knowledge they planned a wonderful birthday surprise. I came into work in a less than great mood. I was feeling old, it was Monday, and I dreaded my doctor appointment. As soon as I hit my floor I could see the birthday decorations around my desk. Soon I found out an entire meal had been planned in my honor. I received some birthday cards with dozens of signatures and well wishes plus a very generous gift card to Border’s Books which is one of my favorite stores. I described it once as an introverts dream with its inventory of books, CD’s, DVD’s, and coffee shop. My co-workers turned an ordinary day into a great one. I was greatly flattered and a little embarrassed but most of all I was grateful.

I did go to the doctor. I was feeling pretty good while I sat in the waiting room. Everyone else seemed to be on crutches, in a cast, or with stitches where their knees had been replaced. I went through some painful x rays before seeing the doctor. I could have a torn rotator cuff but the best case scenario for now is inflammation due to bursitis or arthritis. This certainly made me feel young! This is what my grandparents always complained about! I got off with a shot of cortisone in the shoulder. If my discomfort isn’t better in the next few weeks, the next step is an MRI. Stay tuned!

Someone asked me last week if I was at the original Woodstock Music Festival. The answer is no. In reality about 500,000 people attended Woodstock in the summer of 1969. Approximately 5,000,000 think they attended and the ones who really did can’t be sure. Over the years I have seen most of the performers who played at Woodstock but I was only at the original event in spirit. Since I was a very young boy, I have deeply loved music. I consider music a friend and it has been the most faithful friend I have ever had. Through out my life, in good times and bad, music has been part of my life. Many joyful moments alone in my room or with thousands of other people at a live concert, have been experienced when music filled the air. When I was about eleven years old or so, a friend’s big sister took us to the state fair to see the original Beach Boys. When they hit the stage and I heard those harmonies and electric guitars, I was hooked for life. That was in 1962 or 1963. Well, its 2007 and I am still going strong….well, maybe not as strong as I used to but I am still out there!

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