Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Being In The Midst Of My Doing

Yesterday seemed like a very full day. Most of the morning and early afternoon were spent in meetings. I had lunch driving in my car on the way to picking up my son and taking him somewhere he needed to be. When I finally got back to work I breathed momentarily before reading emails that accumulated in my absence. Some days are like this. We run from meeting to meeting or errand to errand, meeting ourselves coming and going without knowing where we have been. Such a day is not my preferred way of living. Admittedly, I am more attracted to the idea of being than to the non stop pace of constant doing. This does not mean I am lazy. My preference for being is more of an attitude about living rather than a rebellion against doing. When my life is balanced I am being in the midst of my doing. When I am being, I am aware of my doing and not just being carried along by the centrifugal force of moving about. When I am being I am still and silent within my doing. My mind and my hands may be performing a task or solving a problem but my heart is still and I am aware and awake and presence to the moment. More often than not people have a dualistic attitude about being and doing. It doesn't have to be a choice. They don't have to be separated. They can be done at the same time and for most of us this is our only option. Of course, there are those precious moments when we can stop all our doing and simply be. We sit in silence before the light and in the light. We rest in the presence of a power greater than ourselves. We are on holy ground and our hearts are open to grace. All of life is sacred but these moments are especially blessed.

Do you ever feel like you didn't have any sleep the night before? I am having such a morning today. The truth is that I did sleep last night and I even had a high quality nap early in the evening. I guess God realized that we would have mornings like this so He gave us the coffee bean. I'm on my way now to grind some beans and fill my coffee mug with my morning java.

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