Thursday, March 08, 2012

Asleep At The Wheel

I must be asleep at the wheel, or perhaps I was blinded by the four inches of snow we had earlier in the week. This morning I finally noticed that the daffodils are blooming along Interstate 64. For me this is the event that truly signals the beginning of spring. Last night when I was setting out my recycle bin I also noticed a sweet aroma in the air. I must assume the trees and bushes and flowers in my neighborhood are in great anticipation of bursting forth in bloom. My next door neighbor has honeysuckle bushes along the side of his home. In the springtime when I open the windows of my living room, their fragrance fills my home. Although I love snow, and I believe the starkness of winter has its own beauty, I also love spring when the winter chill fades away, the sun shines and I can feel it’s warmth on my face, the air is fresh and sweet, the birds are singing, and the flowers are blooming. The new life of spring and the awakening of nature from its winter sleep, fills me with hope and new enthusiasm for life. It reminds me that life goes on and is always re-inventing itself. The new life of spring reminds me that I must also do the same.

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