Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Listen To Your Body

Recently a friend wrote an article called Listen To Your Body. Basically the article was about knowing your body and discerning when you need to listen to it. Most of us are always pushing our bodies to the limit. Some with physical activity and exercise and others with abuse. Sooner or later your body will push back. When we are young it’s usually a whisper. When we get older it’s often a scream. I had a very busy weekend with little downtime. I ate too much food that should never has crossed my lips and I had too little rest. I got up yesterday mentally prepared to start a new work week. While my body wasn’t exactly screaming, it was talking loudly. It was basically telling me that it needed a day off with few demands, minimal activity, and lots of couch time. Normally I would ignore such a request from my body. Yesterday, however, I decided to listen. My body actually wanted to stay home again today but my work ethic dragged me into the office. I’m sure by the end of the day my body will once again be screaming for some couch time and I won’t put up much, if any, resistence.

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