Monday, December 03, 2012

Purpose And Belonging

I had two experiences over the weekend that were related to well-being. The first experience was going to the movies with my wife and Chloe to see ‘Wreck-It, Ralph”. This was a cartoon about video game characters. Ralph was a character who was tired of his role as a bad guy and wanted to start being a good guy. The entire movie was layered with meaning but the basic message that I carried away is that we all have a purpose. We may not always understand it and may not even see it. Many of us search for meaning and purpose outside our roles or circumstances only to discover later we had it all along. This is was Ralph discovered on his personal journey.

My second experience related to well-being was a family reunion on Saturday night where I met a long lost cousin. She was born out of wedlock to one of my now deceased aunts at a time when such things were quite scandalous. She was put up for adoption and no one in my family knew of her existence. She was an only child to adoptive parents and they died many years ago. Like many such people she longed to know her roots so she began to search for them. She eventually found my family and has now been fully embraced. She is joyful to have gone from an only child who was orphaned to being a member of a large extended family. She has fit right in which says a lot about the power of DNA.

From “Wreck It, Ralph” I was reminded about the importance of a sense of purpose, and from my new cousin I was reminded about the importance of belonging. It was a very insightful weekend.

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