Monday, December 17, 2012

The Tension Of Opposing Emotions

I spent the weekend feeling the tension of opposing emotions. Like most people I went home on Friday night feeling very sad about the senseless killings in Connecticut. I watched the news all nights and just horrible for all the children, their parents, and all the first responders who had to deal with the situation. The rest of the weekend was spent with my granddaughter and I was just so happy that she was alive and well and happy. I got up on Saturday morning and drove to her school and church where she celebrated her First Reconciliation. This is what Catholics call going to Confession. The next step for her is her First Communion. Saturday night we went to Brown Park by Baptist East hospital and watched through the Christmas lights that assembled. Afterwards we went to my parish church to see the living Nativity scene. I recommend the park and the Nativity scene especially if you have small children. Yesterday we went to the movies and saw “The Rise of the Guardians”. I recommend this children’s movie too. I love my granddaughter so much and I cannot imagine my life without her. The tragedy in Connecticut reminded me how fragile life can be and how quickly it can be taken away. It also reminded me of the importance of love and family and the great joy of having a peaceful life where such horrors as occurred in Connecticut do not visit us. If you have young children or grandchildren, hug them tight this Christmas and every day.

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