Wednesday, August 07, 2013

For Everything There Is A Season

I got up late this morning.  When I finally woke up the alarm clock had been ringing for about 15 minutes and my wife was missing.  In our culture there is no such thing as oversleeping.  No one in a sleep deprived culture can oversleep.  All you can do is wake up late.  After two weeks of sleeping in a chair my wife has been attempting to sleep in our bed.  Apparently last night was a rough night so she ended up back downstairs in her chair.  I continue to earn credits towards my nursing degree and caretaker license.  Each morning after I get myself together I prepare my wife’s breakfast and coffee, make sure she has all of her meds, and I  make her as comfortable as possible before I leave home.  Last night on the way home I stopped at Kroger and did our grocery shopping.  After I put everything away and made some dinner, I helped my wife take a bath.  When I got her settled again, I got into a horizontal position on my couch and went into a deep coma.  Several hours later I woke up in the Twilight Zone.  When it was finally bed time I had little trouble falling back asleep.  This is the part of marriage that isn’t covered in the honeymoon brochures.  In the wedding vows where they mention “in sickness and in health”, this is the sickness part.  I can’t complain because I have been on the other side several times in my marriage.  More than once I was the receiver of the caregiving.  For everything there is a season. 

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