Friday, August 09, 2013


Last night I read an article that began as a commencement speech at a college graduation.  Much of the article was the traditional type of message that older people who have lived some life say to those that are beginning their lives.  This speech was a little different.  The speaker said his biggest regrets in life were all the times he was not kind.  He went on to say that people tend to get kinder the older they get.  He then challenged the graduates by asked “Why wait till you are old?  Start being kind now”!  Being kind is probably more of a motivating force in my life than being loving.  I try to be kind to everyone even if they are strangers or people that I don’t necessarily love.  Maybe at the sub atomic level love can’t be separated from kindness.  Perhaps all kindness is rooted in a deep love.  Regardless, what a wonderful world it would be if everyone was kind to everyone else.  I believe if I can do this one thing, and do it well, it’s all I have to do to be a good person.  St. Augustine, a 5th century bishop, had a slightly different take when he said, “Love and do what you will”.  One could also say, “Be kind and do what you will”.  I know some people can try our patience but I still don’t know why it is so difficult for some people to be kind.  I’ve known people who seem to do the exact opposite on purpose.  What’s up with that?  I challenge all of you to practice kindness today with everyone you meet.  It can be a co-worker, the tired waitress at the Waffle House, a store clerk who is surly, or the people with whom you live.  Just be nice!  Karma will return these acts of kindness to you when you need them the most.  

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Diane Hughes said...

I so agree! I find that I am getting kinder as I get older. It has become a real focus for me in recent years. Not only does kindness significantly contribute to making the world a better place, it is such an easy thing to do.