Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Living On Auto Pilot

I was deep in thought while driving to work this morning trying to come up with an idea for a daily thought.  The next thing I know I am at my wife’s office.  The bad news is that my wife wasn't with me since she is still home recuperating from her broken arm.  I was supposed to be at my office.  Apparently I was totally on auto-pilot.  I think many of us are on auto-pilot much of the time.  We get into our routines and they guide us through our daily responsibilities and tasks.  For many of us it is difficult to be spontaneous because we are so locked in to our daily schedules, especially during the work week, that we rarely break free of them.  I think this is why many of us love weekends.  Even if we have a good life and decent jobs we feel like birds let out of a cage when the weekend arrives.  The freedom makes us giddy even if our weekend is jammed with activities.  As an older person I like routine because it keeps me on track at a time in my life when memory occasionally fails me.  Sometimes I look for opportunities to break out of my routines and do things differently.  It’s easier said than done.  It is a daily challenge to live in such a way that life seems new and exciting.  I know from experience that life is hard and it can be demanding.  The unexpected is always right around the corner.  In spite of this I want to enjoy my life and I want to look forward to each new day.  I don’t want to dread life or be fearful of what it might bring me.  If every day can’t be exciting, then I hope it is at least interesting.  I don’t want to just get through life.  I want to live life.    

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Diane Hughes said...

I can't tell you how many times recently I've missed a turn in the car because my mind was following my regular route! I, too, want to LIVE life — not just be on auto pilot.