Monday, August 26, 2013

Great Parent Moments

This will be a very short work week for me.  I like short work weeks.  The only thing better than a short work week is the no work week.  My wife and I are now members of “The Priest’s Parents Club”.  On Wednesday we are having lunch with the Archbishop and a few other people in honor of my youngest son who was ordained a priest back in May.  I’m sure my son is already nervous wondering what I may say to the Archbishop.  He can relax.  I will be good and not do anything to embarrass him.  This coming Saturday my other son is getting married.  My wife and I, along with my granddaughter, will be driving to Gatlinburg to attend the wedding.  I need to spend the rest of this week pumping up my wife for the trip since her arm is still in a cast and she is also dealing with the Shingles.  In spite of the happy occasion I am sure it will be a long weekend for her so I will do my best to make it as comfortable and easy on her as possible.  One more time as parents we cross our fingers in the hope that both of our children are on a firm and straight path in their life journeys.  Many who read these notes have small children whose needs can seem overwhelming at times.  It doesn’t get any easier.  The needs just change.  My children are in their 30’s now and I am still being a parent.  I don’t mean this in a negative way.  I mean that as parents my wife and I still worry about our children.  Fortunately they are doing fine but we still worry.  If your parents are still alive I can assure you they are still worrying about you.

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