Wednesday, December 11, 2013

A Typical Worknight During The Holidays

Last night was a typical evening during the holiday season.  After picking my wife up at her office I did the following:
  • Went to Best Buys and bought “Despicable Me II” for my granddaughter.   I also slipped in the new Neil Young CD since it was on sale.  Women aren’t the only ones that can’t resist a good deal.
  • Drove across the street to the Mall and ate Chinese food at the Food Court.
  • Observed Santa Claus buying a cheeseburger on his lunch break.
  • Sat in the food court and watched people while my wife went shopping for her Secret Santa.   No one thought I was some creepy old guy staring at them because I am invisible in large crowds.
  • Left the Mall and drove to the Shelbyville Road Plaza so my wife could buy whatever she puts on her hair.  Wives and women in general are high maintenance.
  • Secretly shed a tear for the empty building where Border’s Books used to be.  Border’s Books was my favorite store and now all of them are gone.
  • I finally got home, cleaned myself up, changed my clothes, and then fell asleep listening to my new Neil Young CD.  

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