Thursday, December 05, 2013

A Winter Storm Is Coming!

I am aware that we have a winter storm watch for Friday and much of the weekend.  I eagerly await it since I am a snow lover.  Hopefully those of us who work in the office will get home on Friday before the worst of it hits.  This morning, however, I was not mentally prepared for the monsoon that I had to drive through to get to the office today.  I must have dozed off during that part of the weather report.  By the way, Weather Report is an awesome jazz fusion band but I digress.  The number one chore at my home this weekend is wrapping Christmas presents.  Admittedly this is something done primarily by my wife.  My job will be to move boxes and do whatever else she tells me to do.  Because of the sensitive nature of this undertaking, there will be no granddaughter over for the weekend.  The Elf on the shelf will get a break and probably won’t move from wherever he is currently sitting or hanging.  My wife has a personal tradition when wrapping presents.  While doing it she watches the classic Christmas movies “Holiday Inn” and “White Christmas”.  With a little luck there will be snow on the ground this Saturday as my wife goes through her annual ritual.  I will be happy just to be home during a winter storm.  It’s my idea of a perfect weekend.  Hopefully, it will be a beautiful storm and not one that cause people a lot of problems.

The picture above was taken at work today.  There's a reason small children think I am Santa Claus.

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