Tuesday, December 03, 2013

Another Year Is Nearly Over

The year 2013 is rapidly coming to an end.  Like most years it has had some joys and some sadness.  One of the best things about 2013 is that I am still alive and in reasonably good health.  This year I became eligible for social security benefits.  My youngest son was ordained a Roman Catholic priest and my oldest son got married.  I was able to attend a session with the Dalai Lama as well as re-connect with some old friends.  On a sad note my best friend died and I am still grieving his passing.  In a few months I will begin my 63rd year of living.  I am not everything I want to be and I don’t think I am everything I ought to be.  I'm certainly not everything I could be.  This morning fog covers much of the city in which I live.  This fog is a good metaphor for how I feel at this time of my life.  I feel like I am wandering in circles.  I am not completely sure where I am or where I am headed.  I can identify with the words of explorer Daniel Boone when he said, “I have never been lost.  I will, however, admit to being confused once for about two weeks”.  My life is like everyone else’s life in the sense that it has never been a straight path.  It has weaved along and gone in many directions.  It has not been a walk in a perfectly manicured park.  There is a reason this blog is called “Stumbling along the Spiritual Path”.  As I have walked the path of my life it has felt like I am stumbling most of the time.  The nice thing about not knowing where you are is that the possibilities for where you might end up are limitless.  As we go down the path of our lives we never know what’s around the bend.  It might be something scary but there’s at least an equal chance that it will be something wonderful.  As this year draws to a close, and a new year awaits us, may we all live with a renewed sense of purpose and enthusiasm.  I'm tired of being tired and I am tired of stumbling along.         

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