Monday, December 09, 2013

Snowy Weekend

When I left the office on Friday the sleet and freezing rain were coming down heavily.  As I walked to the parking garage I stayed off the sidewalks as much as possible to avoid an Olympic level triple back flip.  I picked up my wife at her office and drove home through the Highlands.  As the rock band Foghat once sang, it was a “Slow Ride”.  We made one pit stop at Kroger for some medicine and fried chicken.  My total drive time from office to home was approximately ninety minutes.  I know that many people didn’t get home for hours.  Once I got home I did not leave it all weekend.  All in all it was a perfect weekend for me.  I loved the feeling of being snowed in.  My wife wrapped lots of presents while watching her favorite holiday movies.  I cooked all our meals, did the laundry, cleaned off the cars, and shoveled the sidewalk.  I took my time and worked slowly on the snow shoveling to avoid a heart attack.  Between my chores I read a little, jammed a little, and occasionally stepped outside my back door to feed the birds and squirrels.  I love these kinds of weekends.  It’s nice to stay home and not fight the madness of Malls, restaurants, and traffic.  I’m sure many people had a renewed sense of how important their home is after Friday’s difficult and long commute.  Crossing the threshold of one’s home can be one of life’s most comforting feelings.    

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