Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Aging Rock And Rollers

Today was an enjoyable day. It got off to a good start when I drove to work and the sky was full of snow flurries. We really didn't get any accumulation but the flurries themselves filled me with the hope that snow will cover the ground anytime. In my part of the world snow is still magical and beautiful and, sadly, rare. One reason I love the snow is that it is silent as it covers the trees and bushes and ground. During the lunch hour flurries were once again in the air as my friend Wendy and I walked the downtown streets on our way to a restaurant. It was cold and breezy and just the kind of winter day that I find invigorating.

Later in the day I was having some humorous email exchanges with my good friend Bridget. She is my usual partner in most of my rock and roll adventures. On a musical level she is the female version of me. Today we were joking about being aging rock and rollers. We wondered how much longer we could keep going to rock concerts together. Above is a picture she sent me envisioning our future as aging rockers.

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