Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Whoopee! It's A Snow Day!

I went to bed last night with visions of a winter storm dancing in my head. I knew it was coming. The storm was so massive even our local weathermen could not miss it. My telephone rang shortly before 6:00 AM today. It was my boss telling me that our employer was closed for the day. I was in shock. The most I expected was a two hour delay in opening. This is only the second time in my 23 years of working there that the office has closed due to weather. Of course, the joy of an adult snow day was soon crushed when I realized that my wife's office was not closed. I thought I had convinced her to also stay home but guilt set in around midday. It seems that most of her co-workers were in the office. My company has 10,000 local employees and opted to shut down for the day. My wife's company has 80 employees and barely acknowledged the weather. So, while she was getting ready for work, I went outside and cleaned off the car. I made the slow trip downtown with only a little slipping and sliding. There was, however, some freezing rain so keeping the windshield clear was a challenge. In my neighborhood we have approximately four inches of snow and we are expected to have freezing rain and sleet all day. This is really only the first wave and several more inches of snow are expected tonight. For the moment...and you know how much I love the moment...I am at home drinking hot coffee and enjoying the view outside my window. I'm sure there are others besides my wife who went to work today, whether they needed to or not, but most of the traffic out today are the unsung and solitary heroes driving salt trucks or snow plows. At some point this afternoon I will venture out again to rescue my wife from her employer.

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