Friday, January 23, 2009

Out There Getting It Done

What a beautiful day it was today. It was sunny and bright and the temperature reached 60 degrees. I met a friend for lunch at a local restaurant and it was a joy to be driving around on such a day. Now, even better, it is Friday night. Does any night feel as good as a Friday night after a long work week? The weekend looms large in our minds even though it traditionally turns out to be the fastest 48 hours in history.

Last night I did something that I do not do enough at this stage of my life. I acted spontaneously and went out with some friends to hear some live music by musicians that were completely unknown to me. Earlier in the workday I received an email from my friend, Bridget, asking if I was interested. At first I was caught off guard when I realized she was only giving me a few hours notice. Usually we plan things days or weeks in advance. Feeling a little wild and crazy, I said, "Sure, I'm up for it". Later, as I was leaving the house, I thought, "This idea sounded a lot better at 3:00 PM in the work...than it does right now. This is my prime nap time". I was tired, it was dark outside, it was a work night, I had not scheduled any vacation time the next day, and I had no idea who I was seeing or what to expect. I did not give in to the voices of the old man inside my head. I went to the venue and experienced some new and occasionally challenging music. It was a pleasant evening with my friends. As I joke with my wife and children, I am still out there "getting it done"! Today's picture was taken last summer on a road trip to Cincinnati to see Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers. It's me driving my car north on I-71 heading for the Riverbend Music Center. Rock and roll keeps me young and helps me fight the natural urge to rock in my chair rather than at a concert.

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