Wednesday, January 07, 2009

More Thoughts From The Tao

Here are some thoughts I have recently read from the Tao.

Wind in the cave,
Movement in stillness,
Power in silence.

In the commentary one reads that "Contemplative stillness turns us away from the everyday clamor but allows us to hear the subtle in our own lives. The deepest sound is silence".

It is difficult enough to find stillness and silence in our 24 hour a day non stop culture. It may be even more challenging to find it within our own minds and hearts. The noise in my own head chases me all day long. My own thoughts are like a stalker that is always nearby. Of course, all thoughts are not unwelcome and I am glad that I am a introspective person who likes to think. What annoys me is when I cannot turn it off. Speculative thinking about feelings and relationships wears me out sometimes. I am smart enough to know that feelings are not usually reality and my occasional obsession with trying to interpret other people's meanings and intentions is a laborious task that I would rather let go. Some of this, of course, is due to my sensitive nature that I consider both a blessing and a curse. Letting go of obsessive thinking is part of my personal challenge to simply be.

Today I read these thoughts from the Tao.

We may have great fortune or bad, but we should patiently bear both. No matter what, we must always be true to our inner selves.

One of my favorite new sayings is "It is what it is". It is always a struggle to be non judgemental. Good things happen. Bad things happen. Sometimes life is disappointing. Life is what it is. What I try to do is not judge any of it. Sometimes what appears to be good turns out to be bad. Other times what appears to be bad turns out to be good. When I am non judgemental about the day to day events of my life, I am allowing life to simply unfold as it should. By trying to not judge life's events as good or bad, I simply accept what they are and allow myself to be present to them. They are what they are and life is what it is. As far as being true to my inner self, I usually am and when I am not I can sense it. I like to believe I am doing the best I can to be who I am. When other people annoy or disappoint me, I have to remind myself they are doing the same.

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