Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Waking Up To An Ice Storm

Throughout the night I could hear tree limbs crashing under the weight of ice. My back yard is covered with fallen limbs. There are also several in the front yard. My entire neighborhood looks like a Christmas card. Everything in sight is covered with ice. As I write this, the snow has once again begun to fall. We are expecting 2-4 inches in my part of the world. Much to my surprise I still have power and heat. Occasionally the lights and my cable flicker but so far they have continued to function. Once again my employer has shut down for the day. My wife's employer, however, is once again reacting as though there is no weather event so sometime today I may have to venture out so I can drive my wife to work. Looking out my window I am overwhelmed with the beauty of it all. The snow is coming down hard. Some people are without power and others are working very hard to keep life flowing for all of us. I am aware that this is not fun for everyone. Still, it is a beautiful sight and I am giddy about the scene outside my window.

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