Friday, January 02, 2009

My Granddaughter

My granddaughter spent the night at my house on New Year's Eve. She routinely stays here and like all grandchildren she loves being with her grandparents. As her Pa Paw I love it too. In my selfishness I wish she would always stay the way she is right now. Although she can certainly act like a typical child and she does throw the occasional tantrum, she is still the most loving and sweet and innocent human being I know. I love it that she now talks and is actually quite articulate. Talking with her is like talking with a adult. Sometimes when we talk she looks at me and seems to think "What's the problem, Pa Paw, are you dense"? Of course, sometimes I pretend to be dense so she will continue trying to explain something to me. While lying in bed on Wednesday night she said "Did you known that when you vomit you turn into a Zombie"? A few minutes later, after hearing a dog bark outside, she said, "Pa Paw, there's wolves outside"! I assured her there wasn't and that it was only a dog barking. The next morning when we got out of bed, we sat side by side and snuggled while eating bowls of cereal. Later we watched the SpongeBob Squarepants full length move...twice! We also have a game where I ask her, "Who's my favorite granddaughter"? She smiles and points to herself. I then ask, "Who's your favorite Pa Paw"? She smiles again and points to me saying, "You are"! The picture above was taken on New Year's Eve. Her Teddy Bear is apparently wear her blue footie's.

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