Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The Opposite Of Today

I am loving this day although the snow is quickly being overshadowed by the freezing rain. Later tonight there will be more snow but the ice is a serious concern. There's the very real possibility of downed power lines. If there is no power, not only will I be in the dark, I will be in the cold as well. I have rounded up every candle and flashlight in the house. Perhaps on this very wintry day, some might be renewed by a picture of the French countryside in June. This is a field of poppies outside the small village of Clairvaux. In the background are the ruins of the ancient Abbey of Clairvaux. Much of it was destroyed by Napoleon in the French Revolution. Today part of it is a maximum security prison. This is also wine country. I wish I had a little French wine right now. A glass or two would be nice as I listen to Crosby, Stills, and Nash who are playing in the background. A little while ago I made my second trip downtown. It was much more treacherous than my first trip. At one point a passing semi truck created the sensation of someone throwing a bucket of slush on my windshield. My wife and I are both safely back home, each enjoying their own solitude. What will tomorrow bring?

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