Monday, March 25, 2013

Doing Laundry

I know I will get some requests after I make the following statement. I love to do laundry. I spend most Sunday afternoons doing the family laundry. I love it because it is uncomplicated. Admittedly it is easier because my laundry room is just a few feet from my man cave and not in a dark corner of an unfinished basement. In today’s world this is not much left that is uncomplicated. Laundry is simple, the process is clear, and the results are obvious. Yesterday I had several baskets of dirty clothes. I sorted them by color and type, threw a load in the washing machine, added a little detergent, and I read a book while the washing machine did its thing. When it was done, I threw the clothes in the dryer and added another load to the washing machine. I may have dozed off in my chair at this point until the buzzer on the dryer awakened me. I took the dry clothes out, added another load to dry, and then began another load to wash. When all of that was going I folded and separated all the clean clothes. I did this all afternoon until all the clothes were clean and folded. When I was done I felt a great sense of accomplishment. There can be great joy in simple tasks.

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