Friday, March 08, 2013

Sometimes Life Is Just Good

Life is often a struggle on many different levels. However, sometimes life is just good. On a rare occasion a ship docks in my port and its cargo is money. It is becoming a rare occurrence when I receive a tax return. This year is one of the rare occurrences. Whenever my wife and I come into money that we don’t normally expect, we give each of ourselves a bonus that we can spend any way that we want. My wife usually spends her money on clothes or jewelry or both. My personal spending usually involves music or books or both. Yesterday I received an email from my wife telling me the ship, loaded with our tax return, had docked in our checking account. Immediately the wheels began stirring in my mind. On the way home I stopped at the Palace Theater and bought two tickets for a friend and me to see one of our favorite rock bands next week. I think he still owes me for our last rock and roll adventure but that’s another daily thought. We’ve been friends for almost fifty years so who cares. He would do the same for me. When I got home I downloaded some music on my iPod and some books on my Kindle. I was jamming and reading till bed time. I am a very wild and crazy guy. Now it’s the weekend. My son will be home from the seminary tonight and Chloe will be visiting tomorrow so we can go see “Jack the Giant Slayer” at the movies. It’s going to be a beautiful day so I think we might also eat dinner at the Kingfish on River Road where we can also play on the playground next to the river. Yes, life is sometimes difficult but some days are just good. Enjoy them when you can.

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