Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Inner Alarms

Last Friday I shared how my wife and I give ourselves a bonus on the rare occasions when a ship full of money arrives in our port. Such a ship docked last Friday so there was a flurry of activity with our checking account over the weekend. Sometime on Saturday our bank called us at home to report “unusual activity” with our account and they wondered if it was us or someone who had stolen our identities. They said there were a lot of iTunes charges among other things. We were actually impressed and grateful the bank noticed and that they took the time to contact us about whether or not the activity was legitimate. I think it would be nice if there were other alarms in my life that would alert me whenever unusual activity or moods are detected, especially if the activity or moods are negative. I try to be self-aware enough to notice such activity with myself. Most of the time my mood doesn’t change much. In my inner world it usually stays 72 degrees all year long. Sometimes, however, I feel an usual lightness of being or a funk of unknown origin and I wonder why. This is when I try to step back and I check my inner thermostat to see if I can determine why. There are times, like this weekend when my bank called, that I have to call myself and ask, “Is this you or has your identity been stolen”? To be psychologically healthy I think we need to not only have feelings or moods but to recognize them and their origins. I know I sometimes overthink things but I like to understand my moods. Thankfully most days are 72 degrees with clear skies and life feels balanced.

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