Friday, March 15, 2013

My Wife's Birthday

Today is my wife’s birthday and it is a big one. She is 60 years young and not too happy about it. I reminded her that she shares a birthday with the bass player for the Grateful Dead who turns 73 years old today but that didn’t help much. I also reminded her that I am nearly 62 years old and I’m going to a rock concert on Sunday night. That didn’t help either. Today we had to get our driver’s licenses renewed. When I said “the next time we do this you will be 64 and I will be 66”, she didn’t think that was too funny. It is a milestone in life when you begin a new decade, whether you are beginning your 30’s or your 60’s. Starting a new decade is a time to look forward.  Throughout my entire life old people have told me that regardless of one’s physical age, you are always young on the inside. I believe this is true. On Sunday night I am going to a rock concert to see a favorite band called Yes with my best friend from high school. We have been friends since we were 15 years old. We’ve had many adventures most of which I cannot share.  Although both of us are moving slower, when we are together it is like we are still in high school or college. I told my wife that turning 60 is not all bad even if it does feel like a wakeup call. I love being in my 60’s especially when I can act like I am in my 30’s. It freaks out my children and younger co-workers. Tomorrow night we will celebrate this milestone in my wife’s life with some members of our family.  Maybe we will even stay up past 10:00 PM.

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