Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Early Morning Decisions

Yesterday was a quiet day. I made some homemade soup, did the laundry, and stared out the window until the buzzer on the dryer brought me back to reality. By the time I went to bed last night I wasn’t feeling very well and as a result I was awake much of the night. When my alarm went off at 6:00 AM I just wanted to pull my blanket up over my head so I could hide from the world and let the planet spin for a day without me. However, one of my rules of life kicked in. My rule is “Never make a decision about the day during the first thirty minutes you are awake”. Following my rule I got out of bed, took my shower, got dressed, and headed downstairs. Throughout all of this I had one hand on my telephone debating whether or not to call in. Since I am now typing these thoughts you all know that I overcame the temptation to stay home and I have made it to work even if I am in a bit of a daze. I do not expect to be enthusiastically spreading sunshine throughout my office today but I will do the best I can to do whatever I need to do. My rule about the first thirty minutes of my day was created many years ago. I never feel great when I am forced out of bed on a workday, especially in the winter months when it is dark and cold outside. It is much easier in the spring and summer. I have learned, however, that once I get out of bed and start moving around I usually feel better in a short period of time, especially after I begin to consume caffeine. I’m not going to lie. I hope this day does not drag and that it passes quickly in the perception of my mind. I know that all days are made of seconds, minutes, and hours and that despite my perception they all pass at the same rate every day. Today would be a good day to experience the Latin phrase “Tempus Fugit”.

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