Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Embracing The New

Never have I enjoyed youth so thoroughly as I have in my old age.
-Writer George Santayana

I know some people must think I am obsessed with aging. I can’t deny that I do think about aging since I am further down the road of life than many of you. However, the reason so many of the quotes I use reference aging is that all of them are written by people who are older. I am getting them from a collection of quotes titled Age Doesn’t Matter Unless You’re A Cheese. If I am obsessed with anything I hope it is trying to live my life awake, in the moment, and with intention and meaning. I want a quality life that is lived well. I do not mean a life with many possessions. I mean a life with purpose, integrity, and which makes a difference. I am trying to avoid going through my life asleep, on total auto-pilot, and just getting by with no goals or meaning. All of these desires are partially met by trying to combine the wisdom of age with a youthful sense of wonder. Sometimes with age one gets comfortable with things the way they are. I can’t deny that I like the comfortable and the familiar. However, I also like new things especially when I overcome any fear or hesitancy I might have embracing them. Once I embrace something new I often love it. A recent example is my Kindle. I am a great lover of books. All of my life I have loved books and reading. I have packed and unpacked some books multiple times as I have moved over the years. I have bought hundreds of books and given away just as many. I love everything about books. I have been resistant to electronic books until my wife gave me a Kindle for Christmas. I must admit I love it. Admittedly it is more than just a new way to read books. I have a variety of apps, music, and books at my disposal. Unlike an iPod I can’t “burn” real books to my Kindle, the way I can “burn” CD’s to my iPod but any new books I purchase will never have to be packed in crates. An old dog can be taught new tricks and even in old age one can embrace and enjoy new ideas and youthful inventions.

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