Tuesday, January 14, 2014

A Sense Of Accomplishment

Life can often seem like an endless routine of filling up what is empty and emptying what is full.  In the workplace, we have a similar experience.  Some numbers are too high and other numbers are too low so we are constantly adjusting.  I like it anytime I feel a sense of accomplishment.  A simple task that I enjoy is doing the laundry.  After sorting the laundry, washing it, drying it, and folding it, you have a nice laundry basket of clean clothes.  Eventually they will be dirty again but for a short time you can so the results of your efforts and enjoy the reward.  At my house Christmas is a big production.  After the new year began my wife gathered together all the decorations and packed them back in the Christmas storage tubs.  Until yesterday they have been sitting around my house.  Yesterday was a beautiful day and my oldest son helped me get all the decoration stored away one more time in my outdoor shed.  When the task was completed I felt a great sense of accomplishment and relief.  It is wonderful to get my home back to normal.  Whatever the task, it is a good feeling to complete it.  It even felt good to do the manual labor involved with carrying all the tubs out to my shed.  All of this was also a reminder about the cycle of life.  The seasons come and go and the holidays, birthdays, and anniversaries do as well.  It life is about filling up what is empty, and emptying what is full, it is also about celebrating and remembering.  We are now at the start of a new year.  There will likely be new things to empty and new things to fill.  Hopefully there will also be new things to celebrate and to remember.  As the poet Robert Frost famously said, “Life goes on”.  By the way, so does laundry….     

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