Wednesday, January 01, 2014

New Year's Day Reflections

Today is New Year's Day.  I am having a quiet day at home after a very quiet New Year's Eve.  One could think of today as an oasis in the desert of the work week.  On Monday I was shocked into the reality of returning to work after a week of Christmas vacation.  I had system issues with my computer, brain issues with myself, and the day seemed full of problems.  Despite all of this I needed to return to work.  Although I enjoyed my time off I came dangerously close to turning into a cauliflower.  During my vacation I did not think one single deep thought.  By the end of my time off I was barely able to maintain life support systems.  On a material level I had a great Christmas and I received more gifts than my behavior deserved.  When I returned to work this past Monday everything I was wearing was brand new.  Once a year my wife, with Santa's help, provides me with new clothes.  If she didn't do this all my clothes would be threadbare and I would wear them until they literally fell apart.  As a family we had to juggle our usual routines because my oldest son has a new wife and family and my youngest son, who is a priest, had Christmas masses at his parish.  Today is the end of the holiday season for most people.  This coming weekend I am sure my wife will draft me into service so all the Christmas decorations can be once again packed away.  Although many people feel some sense of relief that another Christmas is behind them, there is also some sadness that the positive vibes and feelings of goodwill that fill the air seem to quickly go away.  Even though I love most of what goes on during the holidays, I also look forward to the peace, quiet, and nothingness of January.  It’s nice to slow down, hunker in, and wait for spring.  None of us could live all year with the intensity of the holidays.  The remaining months of winter are a time of retreat and introspection.  The remaining hours of today are a time to finish the laundry.  Life goes on.

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