Monday, January 27, 2014

A Taste Of Spring

It was wonderful to wake up on Saturday morning to several inches of new fallen snow and be able to stay home and enjoy it from the comfort of my house.  Being home with no where you have to be is the optimal way to enjoy snow.  Yesterday, of course, it was 50 degrees with bright sunshine.  In the afternoon my wife and I ran some errands.  The warmth and the sunlight were like a B-12 shot for my soul.  I could literally feel my mood improve.  It was a taste of spring and it renewed my hope and expectation that spring will be here in a couple of months.  Today, however, is the beginning of polar vortex #3.  More artic air has descended upon us and it will be colder this afternoon than it is this morning.  I am now used to it so it is not a shock.  The good news is that yesterday’s warm temperatures melted most of the snow and that makes it a lot easier to deal with the bitter cold.  Like everyone else I will continue to bundle up when I go outdoors on frigid days and I will joyfully embrace any spring like days that come my way.  In life you just have to take it as it comes.  You endure or suffer through the challenges, you embrace the good things, and you be grateful for the strength you have when you need it and for the blessings you receive whether you deserve them or not.     

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