Thursday, March 12, 2009

Back To The Tao...Finally

The mind that turns ever outward will have no end to craving.
Only the mind turned inward will find a stillpoint of peace.

One possible lesson to be learned from today's thought is the realization of our insatiable cravings and addictions. We are constantly seeking or wanting something "out there". This manifests itself in desires for food, sex, power, prestige, and possessions. Often, no matter how well we eat, how great our love life is, how powerful we are, how respected we are, or how much stuff we have, there remains a desire for more or, in many cases, a lingering emptiness that cannot be filled. The Tao teaches us that real happiness and peace are to be found within ourselves. For some the Tao is God. For others the Tao might represent ultimate reality and a sense of being one with the Universe. Some Christian writers, specifically Thomas Merton, talk about discovering our "true self". Buddhists speak of "discovering the face you had before your parents were born". Different religions call it different things but I believe they are all talking about the same thing. The psychologist, Carl Jung put it a different way when he said, "Those who look outward, dream, those who look inward, awaken".

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