Wednesday, March 11, 2009

A Very Long Day

I just returned home after spending most of the evening visiting a family member in a hospital. They are someone very close to me and they have a serious mental health issue. My ability to empathize with them and to have some sense of their pain causes me some great sadness over my seeming inability to help them. I did the best I could to assure them of love and support and caring and that they are not going through their troubles alone. I know what I said but I am not sure what was heard. I can only continue to visit and pray and to love.

I am tired physically and emotionally. My day started an hour earlier than normal when my wife awakened me at 5:00 AM telling me someone was beating on the front door and ringing the doorbell. I went downstairs to discover some of my son's very apologetic friends. A group of his friends had gone to Florida for spring break and had parked one of their cars in my driveway. Apparently they had been on the road all night and had hoped to simply pick up their car and drive away. Unfortunately my car was parked behind it and it was blocked. When I returned to bed, I only was able to close my eyes for what seemed like seconds before the alarm clock went off. After work my wife and I met my son for a five star dinner at Taco Bell, then we proceeded to the pharmacy for our monthly allotment of prescription drugs. When I got home I had twenty minutes or so to sit down before heading to the hospital. I should sleep well tonight.

My father died one month ago today. It's still difficult to believe he is gone. In less than three months my wife and I lost two parents. I miss Dad and thinking about him as I type these notes fills me with sadness and tears. I believe he is in a better place but until I join him someday, there seems a great void between us.

I will soon be going to bed. I've had enough for one day.

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