Sunday, March 08, 2009

Dreaming With My Dad

Since my father died he has appeared in my dreams several times. There's nothing unusual about his appearance. He's just there. In last night's dream I seemed to be in New York City although I do not remember any NYC landmarks being obvious to me and my sister, who lives in NYC, wasn't in the dream. There were other people with me but now I can't remember who they were. At some point in the dream there was Dad for no particular reason. I think we were in an Italian restaurant and he was eating a meatball hoagie. I'm not sure if he even liked meatball hoagies. As quickly as he appeared, he was gone. This is Dad's second or third appearance in one of my dreams since his death. I don't know what any of this means. I don't recall Dad speaking to me in any of the dreams. He just makes quiet appearances and then he disappears. I know that dreams often, if not always, have meaning. I can only recall a series of dreams once in my life that had obvious meaning for me. Many years ago, at a time when I felt trapped in my life, I routinely had dreams where I was always in buildings that seemed to have no exits. In the dreams I was always walking up and down hallways looking for an exit that I never found. Most of my dreams don't have clear meaning for me. I never have nightmares but will occasionally have a dream that wakes me with a feeling of uneasiness. More often than not my dreams are a strange collection of people from my life often mixed with celebrities in some kind of circumstance that doesn't make any sense. When I awaken few dreams stay with me. Most are quickly forgotten. Anyway, Dad, it's been nice to see you again. Stop by my dreams anytime. I hope you are well.

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