Friday, March 27, 2009

My Birthday

Yesterday was my birthday. My body is now 58 years old but I think my mind is still about 25. It was a good day. The day before I was down in the dumps but after a visit to the hospital on Wednesday night to see a family member I felt much better. Their improvement lifted my spirit. When I arrived at work on Thursday I could see balloons at my desk before I even got there. My wonderful staff had bought balloons, prepared a wonderful lunch, and decorated a cake. As though that wasn't enough, I also received a birthday card with gift certificates to a local restaurant and one of my favorite bookstores. I must admit it was very nice, if a little embarrassing, to be the object of such attention and affection. One of the ironies of my personality is that I want attention and recognition but am also embarrassed by it. However, I deeply appreciated the thoughtfulness. It means a lot to me. Later, after my workday was over, my wife and I met our son and Chloe for dinner. When I see Chloe everyday is my birthday. As soon as she saw me she ran to me and jumped in my arms. Chloe is a little girl who deeply loves her Pa Paw and her Pa Paw deeply loves her.

Today is Friday and I love Fridays. I have a job that is mostly enjoyable but I am still always happy to arrive at the end of the work week. I have a good job and I work for a good company. However, working is still something I do against my will and I feel like a prisoner during the work day. The weekend represents freedom or, at the very least, a 48 hour pass from prison. Many people feel this way but as I age, the longing for personal freedom deepens. Of course, even the workplace has a positive side. One highlight of my workday is friendships. Today one of my friends took me out for lunch in honor of my birthday. She is my most frequent lunch partner. We decided that in 2009 we would try to go places for lunch where one or both of us had never been. Today we went to Old Chicago and enjoyed their wonderful lunch buffet as well as great conversation that was filled with laughter. Now it is mid afternoon as I type these notes. I should be working but I am sleepy and bored. In my mind I am already out of here.

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