Sunday, March 08, 2009

Nick's Birthday/Chloe Spends The Night

Last week my son, Nick, turned 27 years old. This week he is home for spring break so last night we had a family birthday celebration at Chili's restaurant. We had a great meal and a good time. Since it was also a Saturday night I was followed home by a three foot tall mutchkin. In a few months Chloe will be five years old! I can hardly believe it! In the fall she will start kindergarten. Whenever Chloe spends the night it is equivalent to a workout at the gym for me. In a day or two I will have sore muscles from being ridden like a horse, from carrying her around on my shoulders, and from holding her hands while she walks up my body and stands on my head. This morning, after watching the "Beverly Hills Chihuahua", she sat on my lap facing me. She held my hands and laid backwards with her head touching the floor. We talked about how the world looks different when it is upside down and how the floor becomes the ceiling and the ceiling becomes the floor. Sometimes with Chloe I not only get a physical workout, I also experience an intellectual workout that stretches my mind in completely new directions.

Now it is Sunday afternoon and I am in my room. Outside the sky is overcast and there is a blustery wind. A new cold front is blowing in and the beautiful weekend we've had this weekend will temporarily leave us as the rains approach. The bright side of this is that a rainy afternoon makes for wonderful napping.

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