Saturday, March 07, 2009

Jamming With Joe Bonamassa

First of all, it is a glorious morning. I am sitting here with my window open. A wonderful breeze is blowing in. Outside it is sunny and 68 degrees. By the end of the day it will probably be 10 degrees warmer. Soon I will be complaining about how hot I am.

Last night I attended a magnificent musical performance by Joe Bonamassa. Joe is a white, blues/rock singer and guitarist of enormous skill and virtuosity. Simply put, he was smoking hot. I attended with my usual group of fellow music lovers. The show was in an intimate setting called the Bomhard Theater. The Bomhard is a small theater within the larger Kentucky Center for the Arts. If you love blues and rock and roll I encourage you to see Joe if you have the opportunity. At the very least I highly recommend his CD entitled "Live from nowhere in particular". It's a very good representation of what I saw last night.
My son, Nick, is home from the seminary for spring break. Last week was his 27th birthday. This evening we will meet up with my other son, his wife, and Chloe for a birthday dinner. Guess who will be coming home with Pa Paw?

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Littlefair said...

Strange coincidence!
My cousin recommended only the other week Joe Bonamassa's new one - Ballad of John Henry!

He describes it as "stonking good fun!" Will have to dip in and see for myself!