Thursday, March 19, 2009

A Night At The Hospital

Yesterday was an enjoyable but busy day. After my work day ended I was sitting in my car waiting for my wife. I was looking forward to a night of leisure when I had the sudden realization that I had a commitment to go visit a sick family member in the hospital. I need to maintain some confidentiality here but I will share that this person is suffering from a serious mental health issue. They are in a fragile state and the road to complete healing will be a long journey. After a quick meal at a fast food restaurant and a short power nap in my chair I headed over to the hospital with another family member. We spent the next 90 minutes reassuring our dear one that none of the problem was their fault, there was no reason to be ashamed and that they were loved and not alone. It can be difficult and a little frustrating to reassure the unsure. At one point I began to sense we were talking too much. The timing was good because the visiting hours were over. I think I have a lot of Wednesday night visits ahead of me.

The dogwoods are blooming. The grass is greening. The yellow and white daffodils are in bunches along the highway. Birds are singing. Spring is finally here!!

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