Friday, May 08, 2009

Chloe Visits Pa Paw At Work

Today my granddaughter visited me at work. I was tipped off that it was going to happen but it was still a great feeling to see her walk down the aisle where I sit. Like always, she was a little shy at first and wary of my co-workers. Eventually she got into her comfort zone and the real Chloe began to emerge. Her mother works for the same company as me but these days she works from a home office. While Mommy went off to visit some friends, Chloe sat at my desk and played with my Zen garden. She loves to rake the sand. Her main question today was "Why is Buddha red"? When it was time to go she was very resistant until I promised her that Mommy would take her to McDonald's for lunch. After she left I gathered all the sand that was spread across my desk and I returned my small Zen garden to its original condition. Buddha can now resume his deep meditative state. Today was like a sneak preview of what tomorrow will bring. After I sleep in tomorrow morning and then have a few leisure hours, my wife and I are going to see the new Star Trek movie. I am a huge fan of Star Trek beginning back in the late 60's when the original television show was on. I have spent many years with Kirk, Spock, Bones, Scotty, Sulu, and all the rest, going where no man has gone before. When I get back from outer space tomorrow I will be heading over to Chloe's house so I can steal her from her parents. This is not very challenging because they never put up a fight. Afterwards, I'll go out to dinner with my wife and Chloe, as well as my son who is home from college. He will be around for about a month before heading back to Indianapolis for a couple of classes that must be completed in order to graduate this summer. Whenever Chloe is at my house for a sleepover, my weekend is very full.

Today is Friday and that is the day I treat myself to a workday lunch at some area restaurant. Usually I go with my friend, Wendy, who is also a co-worker. A while back we worked together in the same department and we really hit it off. She's one of those people who is just easy to be with. Even though I am a lot older, we have similar personalities and much in common. Lunch with Wendy is always enjoyable and we have some great conversations that are usually full of laughter.

I am very happy that another work week is over. I always enjoy my weekends. Next week will be a short work week because I am taking off next Friday and going to the monastery for three days. I am in great need of the silence and solitude provided there.

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