Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Somedays Are Just Ordinary And A Little Boring

The last two days have started off beautifully with bright sunlight, blue skies, and coolness. They appeared to have the promise of perfect spring days. Both days, however, have also had torrential rainfall in the early afternoons. Many may not think that is part of a perfect day but it is certainly part of a typical spring day in Kentucky. By the time I left work each day the rains were gone and the sunshine had returned. If I didn't work under an atrium and near windows I may not have known it rained either day.

For the last hour or so I have been doing a sleep study in my chair. The results are now in. Apparently, I was just very tired. This is a short work week due to the Memorial Day holiday on Monday. Typically short work weeks always seem much longer than a normal work week. This week is no different. If that's not enough I am on vacation next week so this week my mind is already in the vacation mode. In my mind I am already there. My attempts to be invisible and to fly under the radar are complicated by the fact that I am also very bored at work this week. Truthfully, I am bored at work a lot. Sometimes it is from not having enough to do. However, even doubling my workload would not cure the boredom. I am bored with the tasks that I perform. I've been doing what I do for so long that little challenges me. The workday is made bearable by the interactions I have with friends and co-workers.

Some days are just ordinary and a little boring. Today is such a day. The good news is that I am still happy. Tonight I seize the ordinary and the boring and I turn it into a sleep study. You know how much I love to learn! Well, it's time to go prepare some coffee. Later this coffee will help me wash down some sugar free dessert while I watch the Discovery Channel where a group of highly educated city folks struggle to survive in the Alaskan wilderness. I will consume chocolate pie while they eat porcupine stew.

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