Sunday, May 24, 2009

It's Going To Be A Long Day

I have been up since 7:30 AM with my granddaughter. Her first words to me this morning were "I've been jumping over flowers". When I asked her about it, she said, "It was a dream, Pa Paw"! It's been a long time since Pa Paw dreamed about jumping over flowers. I would be happy to have a dream where I simply walked through the flowers in a French Impressionist painting.

Chloe and I spent the first 30 minutes of our day sitting in my bathroom observing the three baby birds in the nest on the ledge outside my bathroom window. They were huddled together in the nest and looked like nothing but a pile of feathers. I explained to Chloe that the mommy bird was out getting breakfast for her babies and that we needed to get away from the window so she wouldn't be afraid to return. I finally convinced her to sit with me on the side of the bathtub. As soon as we did that the mommy bird appeared and the baby birds immediately awakened with their heads upward and their mouths wide open. Chloe was fascinated watching the mommy bird feed her babies. After two or three feedings everyone seemed content.

It is overcast outside and there is a good chance it will rain today. Hopefully all the families in this area can still have their cookouts and family get togethers as Americans celebrate Memorial Day. For those of you outside this country Memorial Day is a national holiday in the USA where we honor and remember all those who have died in war. Later today my family will join my extended family for a meal at my mothers house. Tomorrow most people will also get a day off from working.

For now I will enjoy some solitude while brownies bake in the kitchen and fill the house with their aroma. Some quiet Grateful Dead acoustic plays in the background. I think it's time for another cup of coffee. Last week when I was at the monastery I bought a bag of coffee grown by Trappist monks in Venezuela. It's pretty good stuff and I usually only drink it on weekends. It's a quiet morning on the neighborhood and I am enjoying its peacefulness.

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