Monday, May 25, 2009

Visiting My Dad

The long holiday weekend is nearly over. I'm not too upset because I only have to work four days this week and then I am on vacation. Overall, this has been a good weekend. Saturday my wife and I saw "Angels and Demons" which is much better than "The Da Vinci Code". "Angels and Demons" will not challenge anyone's faith, at least it shouldn't. It's little more than a murder mystery with Rome and the Vatican as a backdrop. After the movie we met Chloe and her parents at a local restaurant to celebrate my oldest son's 31st birthday. Having a son in his 30's is a wake up call for me. After dinner my granddaughter came home with my wife and me to spend the night with us. She is nearly five years old and very much her own person. She is the most loving person in my life. She adores me and I adore her. She did, however, throw me under the bus one time. When Granny asked "Who trashed the living room"?, Chloe responded, "Pa Paw"! Last night my family attended a fish fry and shrimp boil at my mother's with most of my extended family. The weather cooperated and everyone seemed to have a very enjoyable time. I am part of a good and large family. They have their quirks and no one, including me, is perfect but I take comfort that I will never be alone in this world. I am now the senior male now that my father has passed on.

This morning my youngest brother picked me up and we went to the cemetery to visit my father's grave. For those that follow my life you may remember that he died on February 11th of this year. Today was my first visit to the cemetery since his funeral. His grave marker is still not there but we know where he is. He is next to an aunt and uncle of mine. Not too far away from my Dad is his mother. It still seems hard to believe that Dad is gone. While we were at the graveside my sister also showed up. In recent years I have felt closer to my siblings. I am glad and also very happy that our family is free of any strained relationships. The rest of my day was spent simply taking it easy. Tomorrow it's back to the rat race or, to quote one of my nieces, the "soul sucking enviroment of corporate life". Well, my work life is not that bad but I know what she means.

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