Friday, May 01, 2009

Recalibrating My Mind

Today is Friday and I always feel good on Friday. Another work week has drawn to a close and another weekend awaits me. When I walked outside this morning everything felt great. The air was cool and the day seemed full of promise. Last night I had a small epiphany. Every Thursday I receive the local Catholic newspaper in the mail. I usually don't read all of it but there is one column by a local priest that I always like. I've met him several times but don't really know him except through his writings. His writings alone make me like him. Reading his article yesterday made me think of my own writing. There are many people who only know me through my writing. If their introduction to me has only been through my writing of the last several weeks they may not have a very good opinion of me. I've done a lot of whining and constant complaining is not really who I am. The local writer that I refer to above quoted one of my favorite songs in his column yesterday and it really hit home with me. It was a song written by Jackson Browne that was also performed by the Eagles. The song is titled "Take it Easy" and the lyric that he quoted was "Don't let the sound of your own wheels make you crazy". Lately I have been doing exactly this. I've been falling victim to the wheels of negativity spinning in my head. Some scientists have said that our minds are programmed to be negative unless we intentionally think positive thoughts. In the Buddhist tradition we are told that our suffering comes from our own mind more than external circumstances. The sad thing is that I know all this and still I fell into the trap. So, going forward, I will recalibrate my mind one more time to refrain from negative thinking. I will quit feeling sorry for myself and I will once again strive to live with a grateful heart and a joyful spirit.

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