Monday, May 18, 2009

From Silence to Home

I spent part of my last predawn hours sitting in a chair by my window wrapped in a blanket. It is cold outside and there is no heat in my room. It wouldn't matter anyway since I have opted to keep the window open. Looking out my window I can see the locals arriving for the 6:00 AM mass. I think there is also a 4:00 AM mass that Father Matthew used to call the "milker's mass" because local dairy farmers used to attend it because it was convenient for their milking schedule. I doubt if there are many such farmers left. Even the monks long ago sold off their dairy herd. As a young novice I used to work in the cow barn in the afternoons feeding all the cows with Brother Ferdinand and Brother Alban. Both of them are in heaven now.

Dawn is finally here and the time of my departure is not far away. In a couple of hours I will be in another meeting but this one will be with the Abbot. Not long afterwards I will attend mass with the monastic community. When that is over, I will eat one last meal before driving home and returning to my normal life.

Final thoughts...

By the time I got through my final meetings and mass with the monks I felt exhausted and a little stressed as odd as that might sound. I decided to leave for home as soon as mass was over. The drive home was pleasant but I was very weary. Upon arrival and after greeting my wife I decided to take a nap in my chair. Not long afterwards, and much to my surprise, I was awakened by an angel who looked a lot like my granddaughter, pictured above.

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Littlefair said...

What a charming way to be woken!

This chair of yours...does it have special soporific qualities? Or is it just chance that whenever you sit in it you doze off?