Friday, May 29, 2009

Feeling Happy

I had a very pleasant day today. Co-workers are always in a good mood on Friday. I was especially happy because I knew that I would be on vacation once my workday was complete. Most Fridays I start getting into the weekend mindset at lunch time. One small gift to myself is to always go out for lunch on Fridays. Usually I go with my friend, Wendy, but she is on vacation this week with her family. Today I went out with other co-workers and had a delightful time. It was a beautiful and sunny day. It was warm but not hot. The walk to the restaurant was pleasant. Our lunch was filled with good conversation and laughter. My current work situation is very comfortable. I like my co-workers and I personally have a wonderful staff. After returning to the office I sat at my desk, stared at my computer, and wondered what I would do to make the time pass. Quite unexpectedly my kind boss gave me an early start on my vacation week. I flew out of the office and came home for a couple of hours before picking my wife up at her office. Somewhere in this time I squeezed in a short nap.

Now I sit here in my room feeling happy. Santana is jamming in the background. A cup of coffee perks me up a bit. Tonight and tomorrow will be full of leisure except for some last minute laundry and packing my bags for a trip to the mountains on Sunday. I will be there a few days with my family. Upon my return I will have a few more days of leisure at home. I am feeling a little tired at the moment like I do every workday evening. It's a good tired, however, and one that still anticipates a week of freedom.

I'm sure I will probably write on this blog again before I leave home on Sunday but once I am gone it will be silent for a few days. Sometimes it is a good thing to let the writing rest. On a good day I might have something to say that others enjoy or find helpful. Others days I am empty and it would be best to not try too hard to write something meaningful. I think I will stop now and get lost in Santana's version of Miles Davis's "In a Silent Way". It is simply awesome. The early and original version of Santana was an incredible band who made their national debut at the original Woodstock Festival. I saw them the first time around the time the show I am listening to now from the closing of the Fillmore West in 1971 was recorded. Santana and Miles Davis are personal favorites.

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